• @ Yeah if anything happens to me anytime soon just know it was my rapist Christopher Gunsby!
  • @ Mfer has been stalking me for years n now lives two doors fucking down from me while the case is still fucking acti… https://t.co/OTokARBTqW
  • @ This his info !!! He be on the eastside/Stone Mountain/ Conyers area he attacks vulnerable women and sex workers!!!… https://t.co/a26nd8tkRh
  • @ LORD JAMAR EXPOSES WILL SMITH & CHRIS ROCK'S FAKE SLAP | @RapMatic https://t.co/g1kw8KKUdM via @YouTube
  • @ Exclusive📣 LordJamar Interview🎥His Thoughts On @6ix9ine: "I Don't Like Him, He's Cocky, He's a Train Wreck" Also Ch… https://t.co/vTL4OfKfoa
  • @ New!📣 @LordJamar Interview As He Keeps It a 💯 & Tells @LilNasX "He Can't Get Tricked Into Watching His 🌈🦄Videos", A… https://t.co/8jEEtOnpXk

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